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Lauren & Gavin – YWCA Laniakea – Oahu

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Bubbling anxiousness and huge smiles carried on through the entire wedding day for Lauren & Gavin’s beautiful celebration! Every single aspect was gleefully anticipated by everyone. As the wedding day finally came, no one could contain their excitement.

In the morning, Lauren and her bridesmaids casually chatted over a large breakfast and beauty services as they all talked about what they were most looking forward to for the day. Gavin and the guys laid back and chatted about old memories and how fast time has flown to the big day.

Their theme of vintage rustic fit the Cafe Julia venue space perfectly. Their colors of light purple and blue gave a cute and cool touch to their reception space. This complimented the building’s look so well! Lucky for their photographers, they wanted to get creative with their photos and chose to not only take awesome pictures ON property but venture off to Kapiolani Park for a unique forest-y look!

As always, many many thanks to our wonderful vendor team. We could not have had better sets of hands to help in making Lauren and Gavin’s wedding dreams come true! Congratulations to you two and best wishes in your many years of marriage 🙂


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