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Designer’s Touch – Big Island Jewel Tone, Geometric Wedding Design

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The island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island is erupting with beauty. From its active volcano spewing bright red lava to its black sand beaches and deep green tropical rainforests. One of our goals while creating these stylized shoots were to find ways to represent each island through our designs. What better way to complement Big Island’s beauty than by creating a bold and modern, yet romantic design with jewel tones and geometric shapes.

With such a popular trend of 2017 in mind; of course, we needed to find a way to set our design apart from the rest. Our team didn’t stop at just incorporating one or two jewel-tone colors, but rather took all five (amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond, and sapphire) and found ways to mix and match them amongst our decor.  Whether it be through linens, napkin ring holders, or stationary.  A little touch of romance was added through candle lighting, calligraphy, and the soft isle draping placed for the ceremony decor. In order to add some dimension to the look, we added accents of gold in plate-ware, geodes, and DIY geometrical shapes.

To top the look off, we had the privilege of holding our stylized shoot at the Wainaku Executive Center overlooking serene Hilo Bay. The Executive Center once an old sugar mill has a historic vibe, with touches of modernization in its renovated, two-story concrete building, creating the perfect complement to our deep color palette and modern design.


“I’m in love with this trend of jewel tones and geometric shapes. My favorite part about this design was all of our DIY decor. The team and I stayed up to the wee hours of the night handmaking geometric shapes, made out of gold paper straws and wire. I was so in love with how great our shapes turned out and how such a simple decoration could pull this bold design together. Not only did we DIY our geometric shapes, but we also had one of our Lead Coordinators, also known as our DIY Queen, Julie, handmake a beautiful geode hair piece for our gorgeous model.”

We couldn’t have done it without these amazing vendors! Thank you so much!