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Why Choose Us?

ABC is the first Day of Coordination team to offer 5% off wedding vendors and we do everything we can to make sure your wedding day is a smooth and memorable one while being kind to your budget.

Recommended Vendors

Once you book us we can send you a list of our favorite wedding vendors for your wedding day. These vendors are quickest at responding, professional and easy to work with.

Unlimited Phone & Email

Upon booking us you can call or email us anytime with questions about your wedding and to seek advice regarding vendors. Contracts can be reviewed at any time.

The ABC Team

At every wedding that we coordinate we have a team of 3 or more to help create your wedding vision and to keep the wedding flowing as smoothly as possible.


Awards & Reviews

Client Testimonials

Jamie & Kyle

“We decided to hire Natalie in early August and she began working with us to get all the information on what we had already done so she could create a detailed timeline for our reception.”

Married July 2013

Angela & Bryan

“My fiancé and I met Lauren at the Wedding Expo where we decided to hire her for the day-of coordination, and that was easily one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. Lauren and her team at ABC is absolutely THE BEST!”

Married April 2014

Jeremy & Jason

“Hiring Lauren and the ABC team was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! We highly recommend them! ABC helped us a lot by providing vendor referrals and we were happy with all the vendor services and discounts!”

Married January 2015