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Why Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

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Easy, because you are the bride and this is your day!  No one wants to spend the happiest day of their lives stressing, coordinating and dealing with any wedding emergencies that may arise. Every bride wants a flawless event, but it’s life and that rarely happens. So, give yourself some sanity and hire a day-of to take all the pressure off you so you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest!

What do they do? Well, pretty much everything! From coordinating with vendors to set up and break down they are there to keep you happy. Day-of coordinators have experience with high stressed wedding day situations and are flexible problem solvers that will take care of you on your day and assure all runs smoothly. Day-of’s will take care of venue arrangements, coordinate with the caterer, design and décor, flowers, videography, MC and DJ, photographers, wedding party and guests. More or less to make sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there.

Unlike what the title of this package implies, Day Of Coordination starts 2 months in advance with Aloha Bridal Connections. We help wrap up all your final details to make sure nothing has been overlooked. This includes reviewing all vendor contracts, reconfirming all vendors arrival times, leading the final meeting with your MC and DJ. We create a timeline that is a breakdown of your wedding day minute-by-minute. This gives your vendors and wedding party a good sense for what to expect next. These are all nit picky details that you do not want to be worried about in the last 2 months before your wedding.

The best part of having a day-of coordinator is it lets you enjoy your celebration rather than getting caught up in wedding details and emergencies. Knowing you have someone to take care of everything will take the pressure off your shoulders so your wedding can focus on having a good time.

Aloha Bridal Connections is a firm believer in giving you your dream wedding. We offer basic coordination, day of coordination, partial coordination, full coordination and custom coordination packages to meet each individual brides needs.  Our goal? Keep you stress free and smiling for your big day!


Why Hire Day of Wedding Coordinators