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During the wedding ceremony, many couples have been touched emotionally with his reflective & profound message. Reverend Michael Nelson will incorporate various languages in his ceremony such as Hawaiian, English, and Japanese for a meaningful and memorable start to the couple’s new lives together.

“ I love the excitement and the intensity of the love that is in the couple’s eyes as they look at each other during the ceremony.  I try to bring calmness in the eye of the storm with wedding couples and their families.  For many, the wedding is uncharted waters for the families as well as the wedding party. Having done thousands of weddings, I have seen almost everything you could ever think of take place in a ceremony. I like to think I bring a certain amount of wisdom, calmness, as well as joy to the whole event of the wedding.”

Rev. Michael Nelson – From Destination Hawaii WeddingsReverend-Michael-Nelson-Oahu-Wedding-Officiant