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Dillingham Ranch Wedding Stylized Shoot – Oahu, Hawaii

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This month we will be showcasing our stylized shoots and discuss the inspiration, passion and the wonderful collaboration we experienced during this journey! Let us first start by revisiting our very FIRST stylized shoot back in April of 2014. Dillingham Ranch is the most picturesque setting nestled in the mountain ranges of Northern Oahu. Built in 1897, the property continues to radiate authentic charm and timeless beauty. Our vision was to capture a classic and romantic setting using the colors soft peach, gold, mint and cream.

The photo shoot came together flawlessly! Everything just fell right into place, we were so thrilled with the incredible collaboration of all the vendors who made it happen. Looking back on it all, I’m a bit speechless as to what we were capable of only after 1 year of business.

Towards the end of 2016, we found out that another wedding planner was representing the work from this photo shoot. She had been gaining business and growing her company with our work plastered on the front pages of all of her marketing materials. In the moment, we felt an overwhelming combination of negative emotions from seeing someone else take credit for our hard work that day.  Ask any professional in the industry and you will quickly find out that stylized shoots are the hardest and least rewarding events to be a part of (there isn’t a couple to give you a HUGE hug at the end of it all!!!)

In lieu of this, we decided to shift the negative emotions into positive vibes and use it as fuel and determination to upstage our last stylized shoot. We became motivated enough to do a stylized shoot on EACH major Hawaiian Island (Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island). We really wanted to showcase our ability to execute our dream vision anywhere, who better than the amazing Jenna Lee Pictures to capture our hard work?! Jenna, you rock!

Special thanks to the team of vendors who donated their services to our 2014 Stylized Shoot and made it all happen!