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Laetitia & Rudi – Loulu Palm Farm Estate – Oahu Destination Wedding

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Laetitia & Rudi came from completely opposite ends of the world before meeting each other in Rudi’s hometown of Sydney, Australia. She moved to Australia from France with very little English¬†and a strong determination to succeed in this new country. They met on a group date where they were ditched and it ended up being just the two of them. Their friends knew well enough that neither of them would have made the first move and decided to make it for them. It was exactly the push they needed because they’ve been together ever since!

They decided on a destination wedding where their family and friends could come from all over the world to celebrate their love surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii. Loulu Palm Farm Estate was the perfect venue for them! It is an intimate estate located on the North Shore of Oahu that captures the local culture perfectly. It has a long green lawn and a picturesque beach with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains behind.

Laetitia and Rudi wanted to achieve an overall feeling of elegance, romance and simple sophistication with a mixture of colors from soft blues, dusty pink and lilac. It paired beautifully with the greenery at Loulu Palm Farm Estate and came together with such ease. It was fascinating to watch the families meeting and interacting for the first time. Regardless of her family speaking little to no English, they welcomed the blend of cultures with open arms and radiant smiles. By the end of the night, I felt as if I was a part of their new family. Thank you, Laetitia & Rudi, for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I am so excited to see what life has in store for you!

Special thanks to the vendors who made it happen: