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Designer’s Touch – Elegant and Romantic Maui Wedding Design

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We make our final stop of our stylized shoot extravaganza on the Island of Maui. Maui, nicknamed “The Valley Isle” is known for its beauty, luxury, and elegance. When deciding that we would hold a stylized shoot on this gem of an island, the team knew right away where we wanted to hold it and what theme we wanted to use. We’ve had the privilege of coordinating a few weddings at the beautiful, historic, oceanfront Olowalu Plantation House.  The perfect place to do an over the top white and gold, elegant and romantic Maui wedding design.

Knowing that the white and gold, elegant and romantic theme, is constantly sought after and showcased by many wedding blogs, our design coordinator set out on a mission to find a way to make this theme different from the rest.  After many hours of trying to think creatively, researching different designs, and looking at pictures of white and gold weddings, our design coordinator felt a little defeated with the fact that nothing she thought of seemed unique enough to showcase.  Realizing that what was missing from this design was passion, the team decided that by adding accents of mauve and blush was what we needed to spice up the look.  The fire in our design coordinators eyes was reignited and the look began to come together.

Not only did we decide to add a hint of color, but each member of the team thought of three different ways to make our design different, which is how the inspiration behind our breath-taking DIY circular arch, DIY sweetheart hoop backdrop, mirror and candle table runner, and bar decor came to be.


“Out of all the stylized shoots, this one was probably the most difficult for me.  I had designer’s block and became a little frustrated when I could not think of a way to make our white and gold theme unique. I felt that the designs I was coming up with were lacking passion.  When I expressed this and the team and I came up with adding mauve and blush to the color palette, I could feel the fire ignite inside of me and was excited to come up with a new design for our shoot.  I am blown away with the final product.  There is no one favorite part about this shoot, for everywhere I looked I was in absolute awe.”

We could not have done it without these awesome vendors! Their work is what made this shoot amazing!